Services tailored to corporate clients:

  • CO2-accounting
  • optional appraisal of potential emissions savings
  • compensation of unavoidable emissions
  • sale of carbon credits from selected projects

In order to provide a comprehensive overview of business activities we take into account the following:

  • logistics
  • manufacturing
  • building services
  • business travels
  • vehicle fleet
  • waste management

Concerning emissions not covered by our CO2-calculator, please contact us directly, we will be glad to help!

The contribution of your company to climate protection – positive impacts on yield and image
Through its competence in energy appraisal, Carbon Habitat can work out strategies for the optimisation of business processes. A measure that has positive effects on the long-term financial return of your company.
By uncovering unrealised potentials for improvement, we can also devise strategies to enhance the efficiency of your logistics and building services engineering.

We enable your company to become a climate and yield champion!

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