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The Project

The Forest
This 4,120 ha parcel of tropical rainforest on Vanua Levu, Fiji constitutes a pristine home for the endangered Fiji Ground Frog (Platymantis vitianus), and several other endemic plant and animal species. The rainforest also provides valuable protection from cyclones, floods and droughts for the Drawa local people and those living downstream in their catchment. Furthermore, intact forests prevent leaching of sediments and excess nutrients into the sea. Coral reefs depend on sunlight and cannot survive in murky waters caused by coastal run-off from deforested areas. In turn, local populations depend on the plentiful marine resources that a healthy coral reef can provide.

The Drawa landowners are in the process of having the area protected by a conservation lease, on land owned by 9 Fijian clans. Recipient of the SPREP-SPC award for Excellence in Implementing Island Ecosystem Management Principles.

The People
This project is owned by the indigenous Fjiian landowners at Drawa, Vanua Levu, Fiji. The landowner population of 429 people spread over three villages is represented by the Drawa Block Forest Community Cooperative - the legal entity established to hold the conservation lease on behalf of the landowners.

These landowners have given up rights to logging timber in exchange for the opportunity to sell rainforest carbon offsets as a way of generating revenue for local economic development. This project also provides governance and management support and capacity building for community enterprise at Drawa. This is to help the Drawa landowners manage the rainforest conservation project and develop spin-off community businesses - the first of which is a community business producing and selling rainforest honey.

Certified according to the Plan Vivo Standard.

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