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Pressures on rainforests in Belize
The core objective of this project is to commercialize the forest carbon offsets at the Boden Creek Ecological Preserve near Punta Gorda, Belize, Central America. This property has been the site of a ground breaking effort to use ecotourism as a funding source for land preservation. Due to the global economic downturn it is imperative that additional funding sources be secured to stabilize the operation. This land is currently under immediate threat of land conversion for agriculture, and it contains documented populations of internationally protected biodiversity. Furthermore, if the forest would have been logged, significant sediments would be washed into the sea and harm nearby coral reefs.
To fund this activity Boden Creek Ecological Preserve will offset global carbon emissions through the development of an avoided deforestation project. The current threat level for these properties is immediate from citrus, and aquaculture development. The total project will protect 12,871 acres (5,211 ha) of humid, broadleaf tropical lowland forest. This property abuts and drains into the Port Honduras Marine Sanctuary, the most pristine part of the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere.

Project developer: Forest Carbon Offsets LLC
Certified according to the VCS standard.

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