The story behind Carbon Habitat

Carbon Habitat was founded in the Principality of Monaco in 2016. After numerous expeditions to rainforests in the Amazon and Congo Basins, founder I was enchanted by the mystery and beauty of these truly magic places. Hugely contrasting from a city or industrialised countries, these rainforests are full of unique sounds, sights and smells. The biodiversity of these rainforests is unrivalled by any other ecosystem with over 16,000 different tree species in the Amazon Basin and Central America alone.

An avid freediver, I am sensitive to just how intertwined the destinies of forests and oceans really are. Not only do healthy forests help combat climate change and the resulting ocean acidification, but they also protect coastal ecosystems. Coral reefs are harmed by sediment runoff which blocks vital sunlight from reaching the reef.

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco along with world champion freediver Pierre Frolla, inspired me to create Carbon Habitat. With their countless efforts to protect ecosystems both locally and globally they serve as role models for environmenmental stewardship.
Carbon Habitat is a platform that enables individuals and organisations to neutralise their greenhouse gas emissions and to reconcile climate and biodiversity protection. In this industry, we are one of the very few companies to focus exclusively on projects that serve nature conservation. Our selected projects renounce the use of timber, the cultivation of monocultures or non-native species. We only support the conservation of native tree species and our projects never promote the use of timber for trade. Some of our projects do incorporate the production of crops and wood in unforested areas. This is crucial to provide livelihoods and fuel wood for communities which live around project sites. In turn the otherwise ensuing destruction of natural forests to fuel cook stoves and grow crops is thus prevented.

In a time where the urgency to act is becoming increasingly apparent, stakeholders demand that organisations contribute to the wellbeing of our planet and its people. Empowering individuals and organisations to take action against climate change by protecting forests and marine ecosystems is the unique offering of Carbon Habitat.
Whilst damaging to our environment, travel is an enriching experience that helps individuals foster cross-cultural understanding and sensitivity to exotic and differing ecosystems.
Become carbon-neutral today and be an ally in the quest for a sustainably organised planet.

Axel Engelmann, founder at Carbon Habitat


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